Want to loss Weight?

                   Here is top 6 best tips for weight loss without any harassment and look younger than age:-

1.Enjoy  Exercise:



Exercise is  any  bodily  activity  that enhance or  maintain physical exercise  and overall health  and  wellness.Exercise  helps us to make our body  fit .It  can  make us  stronger , healthy, improve   your mood and  lengthen your life.

2.Make  Green Your Tipple:



Green  tea  has  been  accepted the  world  over  for  its  health  benefits.Green  tea  considered  the  no 1  anti  aging beverage  in  the world. Green tea  function can  improve  brain function  and  make  you  smarter.Green  tea  increases fat  burning  and improves  physical  performance. 

Lipton  green  tea is  one  of  the   most  trusted  green tea  band in the  world. You  must  drink  at  least 2  cups  of  green   tea   per  day.


3.Get  Enough Sleep:-


Sleep   duration  really  plays  a role  in weight  loss   and   daily  health. Sleep  is  cornerstone of  weight  management  because   of  the impact  it  has  on your hormones  that control  how  you  burn  fat , how   you  store  fat  and  how  you  are  maintaining muscle .The  better  your   hormone  balance ,  the  better  your  weight   management.

4.Drink  Plenty Of Water:-



Drinking  more  water  can  help  you  weight  loss.It  is  100%  calorie  free  . help  you  burn more calorie  and  may  even suppress   your  appetite  if  consumed before  meals.It  is  a very  easy  to   cut  back on  sugar  and  calorie..Drinking  more  water  may  help  prevent  constipation  and  also  help  make  you  skin look  good.

5.Eat  regular  meals:


Tough  dieting  and  regular  exercise  are  essential  to  effective  weight  management , the  best  long  term  strategy is  eating  regular  meals.Many  research  said  eating  normally that  allow  you  to  loss  weight.Irregular   eating  and  dieting  are  predictor  of   long  term weight  gain, according  to  a 10  year  Finnish  study.


6.Don’t  Skip  Breakfast:


Skipping  breakfast  won’t  help  you  weight  loss. You  could  miss  out  on  essential  nutrients and  may  end  up  snaking  more  throughout  the  day   because  you  feel  hungry.


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