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What is the secret of the Bhagavad Gita? What is the essence of Bhagavad Gita?


It was the occasion of God to say this at that time. Arjuna was enraged, despite being a Kshatriya religion, he had become unconscious. Therefore, to remove the folly, Lord Krishna warned Arjuna and said, ‘Take your folly, you come to your religion. Do not be a doer or a doer of karma. ‘Krishna knew’ systematic ‘and in the rule of’ systematic ‘, as much as Krishna had said, but people do not understand it and say that God knows why he said so, ‘Kill all of these?’ This was the precept of Krishna’s On the Moment, someone did not always preach this to ‘kill’. Arjun was tempted to see all the relatives. God knew that after a while, the temptation would go away, so Krishna God spoke naimiticly. He said to Arjun, ‘You are Kshatriya and your non-fighting will not be without fighting, we are seeing in the knowledge that your systematic is such. So do not be fooling you. Do not act as a false ego, to work without an attachment to kill. ‘


Sri Krishna had received divine eyes from Neminath Bhagwan, after which he preached this Gita.


In the Gita, Krishna God wants to say only two words. Those two words can be understood by people, it is not so. That’s why Gita has given such a big shape and people have again written papers to understand that form. Lord Krishna himself has said, ‘One of the thousands of people who can understand the meaning of the Gita in which I want to say. One person who understands such a thousand gross meaning will understand the subtle meaning of the Gita. One person who understands such a thousand subtle meanings can understand the subtle sense. One such person who understands such a thousand subtle sense will understand the meaning of the Gita, meaning my intentions! ‘Krishna wanted to say that’ one person ‘would understand him. Now, whose number will be considered in this three billion settlement of Lord Krishna? Krishna wanted to say whatever God wanted to say in two words; He, who has himself made Krishna, can understand and can say, nobody else’s work is there. Today, ‘we’ have come to yourself, Krishna, take out whatever you want to get out of your work. What does Krishna want to say? When a person dies then he says, ‘gone from inside.’ What is that? It is ‘Good’ and remains lying here, it is ‘packing’. These tannins show that it is packing and inside is ‘goods’, material is there. There are Varieties of Packings Packing of a mango, packing of an ass, a packing of a man or packing of a woman, but the inside is pure, one is in everybody. Regardless of the packing, even if it is rotten, but the merchant does not check the packing, the ‘goods’ in it is okay or not. In the same way, we also have to look inside the material.



Lord Krishna says, “The one who is in the Self is the same Lord Himself, that is Krishna, you will recognize him, you will also be able to give him a hundred million births, even if you sing the Shabad of the Gita, you will not come out.” The goods in these two words, Krishna God is what he wanted to say, and these wise people go to the meaning of the Gita, extract his books! Basically these people do not even have to make sense and they have gone to extract extracts by writing big criticism, criticism, but they do it only to spread their name with their free will! Otherwise, in two words Krishna’s God’s “intercourse” goes.


If the son is studying in the host, Father writes letters in strict words, ‘You do not read and spoil my money, keeps watching movies, does nothing,’ then what does the son do that father? The letter of the letter shows itself and says, ‘Do not see, how is my father? Are wild, greedy and angry, stingy. ‘Why does the boy say so? Because he does not understand Father’s point of view, he can not understand Father’s introspection. Father and son only have differences of twenty-five years, yet the father does not understand the intra-son, then if Krishna went to Lord then it would have been five thousand years, then in the difference of five thousand years, who would understand the inter-estimate of Krishna God? Who will be able to tell their interpolation? Those who are ‘God Himself’ can only tell! Who can tell Mahavira’s intertwist? Those who are Mahavira themselves, they can only tell. Mahaveer has also had 2500 years of deferance.


In earlier times, in the twenty-five year deferance, the father was understood to be an intimate son, whereas today, there is no power to understand the difference between the twenty-five years, then how will the matter of Krishna understand? A lot of things are being written about the Gita, but the writer does not even understand one hair from it. It is such that the blind got blindness, the sesame sesame found in the sack, neither the mole nor the dirt! It’s like that. Yes, that’s not wrong, it’s okay, but that thing is like the Master of First Standard and that’s fine. What is the matter with us here? It is about the last year of college. As it is the case of First Standard, it is the matter of the discussion of the Gita. Only the Gnani Purush can get the exact words of all scriptures.

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