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Best Careers For the 21 Century

21 century

Choosing a   career that has  staying power is proving to be very difficult. With technological  advances machines have replaced some jobs that used to be completed  by  people.As  scientific discoveries are made,  new jobs  are  emerging that weren’t as  important even a  few years ago. A look at top 10  careers that will dominate the 21st  century.

“Prediction is  very  difficult , especially about  the  future”   is a  remark  which has  been attributed to the famous scientist Niels Bohr.However  it is energising  to know that the future is actually  not that uncertain or unknown.In fact,at any given point of time in history, if you look around the globe you can see the past ,present and future in almost every area of life.For example,the technologies that are used in Dubai for management of traffic may come to fruition only later in most  other parts of the world.


The policy to control cars enacted presently in London will be adopted by many other cities in the future.In issues raging for same-sex marriage to paternity leave, online education to smart homes, smart parts of the world are always much ahead of the rest.At the same time, we can also see many places that have been left behind. Infant mortality rates of more than 100 children per 1000 live births still exist in some parts of the world ,some countries are still governed by absolute monarchs and marriages are still arranged by families in many parts of the world.So at any given time , world is living in different times,past,present and future.

                      There is one more thing one should understand in order to ensure that they don’t become complacent. Whereas it is true that time moves forward to backward on development indicators is not a given.Therefore,countries that were once ahead can fall back and cities which were once vibrant may decay.This does not happen by accident either, but as a consequence of the many decisions made by people at different points in time.But this article is not about these topics, but about how to navigate your career in the coming times.

There are hundred of different types of jobs that people do everyday across the whole wide world. In the United States, they have been classified into more than 700 categories. As mentioned, over a half of these jobs is predicted to vanish in the coming decades as automation takes over. However , dozens of new jobs will appear on the horizon. In trying to select 21 of these jobs, I have used my judgement to project a positive future for the globe and a more globalized country. It is to be understood that these careers  will not appear in the next few years time nor will they appear automatically without any social an legal changes. So these listing should not be taken as a guide  for entry-level jobs or choosing the topic for basic education. At the undergraduate level, it is always safer to stick to time-tasted topics in engineering, science ,arts, commerce, law or medicine. However, people who are already employed and have experience could consider these some of the emerging possibilities.

1.Policy Analysts:

Policy Analysis

Across the world, all corporations, institutions, cities and countries are making polices all the time. Historically, policymaking was done as part of political or corporate strategy or as response to public reaction to an incident. But this is changing rapidly. All modern professional organisations and modern democracies are changing to evidence-based policymaking. This means before a policy is made , all the available data on the topic is collected, systematically analysed , an compared with the possible alternative policies. The economic cost of implementing the policies so formed as well as their unintended consequences are both analysed. Broad knowledge in related subjects as well as access to international best practices on policy formation and initiatives are required to become a policy specialized.

2.Personal Health Advisers:

Personal Health Adviser

In an emerging world where people become wealthier and live longer , they would need professional advice on  handling their health related matters . This may range from providing personalized advice to fixing lifestyle regimes, financial advice on insurance policies and technical  advice  on specific medical  treatments to be gone or plain advice as to which hospital to go to.Increasingly making complex end of life decision , including what terminal healthcare one should opt for euthanasia , whether to stay at  home , a hospice or hospital , all these matters need expert advice.Personal health analysts thus  should have skill relating to  health matters, financial matters  , financial matters, law and counselling.

3.Reputation Manager:


Reputation Manager

Reputation is one of the biggest  assets of individuals,  organizations and countries that  results in both  tangible and intangible benefits for these entities.Political leaders , film stars and other celebrities always have to deal with issue involving  their reputation. However with the spread  of social media and the lightning speed of  communication  networks, even ordinary people could be affected by issues related to  reputation which need to be handled at extraordinary speed.

Reputation  manager jobs  can be  both long term and short term consultancies. Large organizations and  governments  will employ  reputation managers to help them with policy matters while individual may seek short term consultancies  from such experts.Reputation  manager should have a clear idea of marketing , brand management , communication, social media as well as legal matters.

4.Security Expert: On the whole world it  can be said that the world is becoming a  safer place to live to  live in with much fewer number of people dying in wars or crimes.Yet with increasing wealth , travel, online exposure and less  coherent  family  networks  , the likelihood of  being exposed to a petty  crime , a terrorist attack  or  an online stalking is on the rise.Even European cities where crimes had  come  down   to  historic lows , are once again becoming unsafe due to the  constant   threat of  terrorist attack . 

Security Manager

Organisations also wish to see how to conduct  operations in a secure manner , how to keep their staff safe while at work and travel and how to deal with the security issues within the legal context of a country . Countries , organisations  individuals therefore will need advice from security experts to navigate through  through the  different  parts of the world.

Jobs for  security experts may be long  term in government , private sector or other organisations  or  short term consultancies for organisations and individual. Currently there  are two  types of  security  experts : the ones who have expertise in online security  issues and other who are  security experts in the real world. However in the future this boundaries will likely  vanish and security challenges will move from real world to  online and versa.

5.Geriatric Specialist:

Geriatric Specialist

Geriatrics is the branch of medicine or social science the branch of medicine or  social science  dealing with the  health and care of  old people.It has not been  a very popular topic in our society partly because till the recent past , families took care of the elderly in their families. So the need for institutional  care was minimal. As the life expectancy  of  the population was not too high , the number of  people needing  specialized  support was very few. The fact that older people don’t have economic independence and the society  doesn’t invest much  in them is the reason why  geriatrics remains a marginal profession in our society.

Geriatric specialists may be employed by  hospitals , hospices, old age homes and faith based organisations.

6.Event Manager:

Event Manager

Event management  involves creating , coordinating and managing all  the different  components of an event  as well as the teams of people  responsible for  each aspect.  Event management  has made inroads in India of  late.In develop countries even funerals are  handled by  specialized  agencies while it is unheard of in India.The demand for even manager and the specialized  areas where they will be  sought after  ( wedding, temple festivals political rallies  , university conferences and  funerals)  will increase dramatically in  the coming year.

Event managers may be employed by  event management  firms  or major organisations which regularly organise events.The service of event managers may also be sought after by individuals , families and organisations  on a  piecemeal basic so  there is room for consultancy as well.

7.Creative Writers:

Creative Writers

With more  money , extended life span and more leisure time , people would need more entertainment. Podcasts , Broadcasts online entertainment sources    all of these will need content to be updated on a  continuous basis. Creative   writing is  expected to remain a domain where human originality will continue to win over computers for some more time.

Jobs  for creative writers  may mostly remain for freelancers an consultants; however a few media houses  may need full time creative writers. while creative writing will continue require native talent , there are training programmes  avail able  to nurture creative writing talent.

8.Learning Adviser:

Learning Adviser

Education is going to be a life long activity  in future with people spending shorter time in the universities at the beginning  of their careers but  returning to education from time to  update skill and transit  jobs accordingly .There will be need for full time learning  adviser who can help people through their journey  of  life long learning.

Learning adviser may be employed  by local government institutions , faith-based organisations  and educational  institutions.It is also  likely that individual will have their own learning advisers who track people’s learning progress much  like a job that general practitioners  do  in medicine.



Physiotherapy is already a well established profession in the modern economy but  is not as weal  respected as it should be nor has it sufficiently  penetrated into the developing economics. Physiotherapists help people who have been affected  by disability , injury , illness or lifestyle through movement , exercise, education and advice. The play a great role in  improving the quality of  life of people with  disabilities as well as  people recovering  from injury or illness .

              Physiotherapists are employed by hospitals , old age home, schools. They could also be independent practitioners or sports   coaches.The demand  for   Physiotherapists  in the coming years as people   live longer lives and have more  disposable incomes.The qualifications of  Physiotherapists  are globally portable and hence job opportunities  are global too.

10.Agriculture Experts: 

Agriculture Experts

Historically farming  has been one of the largest occupations  of  humanity.People will need continue to need food and as  such , there will be  need for big frame as well as experts in framing.However the nature of  people who are needed in frames will change dramatically. A lot more automation and artificial  intelligence will go  into  the procession of  framing.Much of the farm work    can be automated and with increase in productivity , one will  need fewer people  to do manual labor  in the farms. Farming  much of the farm  work can be automated  and with increase  in productivity , one  will  need  fewer   people to do manual labor  in the  farms. Farming will change into a more science based observation where weather  forecasting , soil manipulation , water management , market prediction will all be  the fundamental  skill required for running a modern farm. So expert who have broad under standing of the science and  economic  of farming  will be in great demand.

                   The jobs  for agricultural experts will be  both long term in cases where they own operate or work in the farm.Agriculture expert may also  be employed as consultants , providing advises to government corporations  and farms.

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