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Top 20 Horrid Truth About Food and Drink

Food and Drink

In this article we will know some of the most horrid truth about food and drink .Which will help you to gain your knowledge about food and drink .


Here  is top 20 most horrid truth  about food and drink:

packaged drinking water


1.Bottled drinking water has been marketed as being cleaner and more pure than ordinary tap water, but, in a recent study, a third of bottled water showed significant chemical or bacterial contamination, including arsenic, nitrates, carcinogenic compounds, and coliform bacteria.



2.Bottled water is rarely tested for purity. An Environmental Working Group study found that ten popular brands were riddled with chemical pollutants and bacteria, some as high as tap water.



3.According to government and industry estimates, almost 50 percent of bottled water is ordinary tap water,
often with no additional treatment. “Additional treatment” = changing out the lawn hose before filling a newbatch.



4.You will shock that the research said almost 99 percent of imported food is never inspected by the FDA or USDA, the two agencies responsible for protecting Americans from tainted products. They’re busy testing bottled water.



5.One in five office coffee mugs contains fecal bacteria and E. coli, which can cause diarrhea, food poisoning, and infections.



6.Many low-fat and nonfat yogurts and sweets contain gelatin, which is made from animal tendons, ligaments, and bones. You’d think the crunching would give it away. It must be drowned out by the sound of all those vegetarians patting themselves on the back for being vegetarians.



7. Fining is a process used by most wineries to remove particles and impurities from wine. Typical fining agents include isinglass (a collagen from sturgeon bladders), gelatin, and ox blood. Whatever impurities are removed by fining, are they worse than fish urine, animal bones and ox blood?



8.Peanut allergies afflict an estimated 10 million Americans, and can be life-threatening. Almost half of annual emergency room visits and two thirds of deaths due to anaphylaxis are the result of peanut allergies. On the bright side, if you’re a peanut allergy sufferer, you won’t have to worry about all those bug fragments and rat hair in peanut butter.




9.Potatoes contain toxic compounds called glycoalkaloids that cannot be reduced in cooking. Consumption of high doses of glycoalkaloids can cause diarrhea, vomiting, and, in severe cases, death.



10.Chocolate contains the alkaloid theobromine, which in high doses can be toxic to humans, and in even  small amounts can kill dogs, parrots, horses, and cats.



11.The well-known poison arsenic is approved by  the FDA as an additive to poultry feed and given to at least  70 percent of chickens raised for consumption in the United  States. Arsenic has been linked to cancer, birth defects,
diabetes, and death. Worse, arsenic has almost no taste.  They could at least use cyanide, which is every bit as
lethal but has the flavor of delicious almonds. And who doesn’t love almond chicken?


Lobster and Foie Gras



12. Over consumption of purine-rich foods like lobster, foie gras, and liver can lead to gout, a type of arthritis.  Attacks can last for weeks, and can damage joints, tendons, and other tissues. Gout has been called the “rich
man’s disease” because of its association with fine foods like lobster and foie gras.




13.Bacteria multiply between temperatures of 40° and 140°F, so be careful when reheating food in slow-cookers or chafing dishes. This is good news for those who like fast-food drive-throes—the French fries there are usually around 34°F.



14.Mushrooms can kill. The two species most commonly to blame in mushroom poisonings are the Death Cap, which contains seven toxins and can be lethal with just one bite, and the Destroying Angel, often confused  for an edible white cap mushroom



15.The term “natural” (all-natural) has no nutritional meaning and is not defined or regulated by the  FDA, so packaged goods and restaurants can use the term at will. For example, fast-food chain Arby’s claims to  serve “100 percent all-natural chicken,” but uses artificial flavoring. Consumer food products, now made with 100 percent all-natural bullshit!



16.Many of the “low-fat” menu items at Apple bee’s restaurants contain over 500 calories; the “low-fat chicken
quesadillas,” for example, weigh in at a whopping 742 calories and 90 grams of carbohydrates per serving.



fruits and yogurt


17.A medium fruit-and-yogurt smoothie at Dunkin’ Donuts contains four times as much sugar as a  chocolate-frosted cake doughnut.



18. A diet high in processed meats like sausage, hot  dogs, and luncheon meats increases the risk of pancreatic cancer. Chemical reactions that occur during  the preparation of these meats yield carcinogens, which  could be responsible for the association.



19.Beef cattle evolved to survive on grass but are regularly fed corn, which has disastrous effects on their digestive systems, requiring a constant regimen of antibiotics to keep them healthy.



20.Potatoes contain toxic compounds called glycoalkaloids that cannot be reduced in cooking. Consumption of high doses of glycoalkaloids can cause diarrhea, vomiting, and, in severe cases, death.



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